Host a free, daily cryptogram game on your own website or blog!

Got a website? You can keep visitors coming back to your little spot on the web again and again by providing a free daily cryptogram puzzle your readers can play while remaining on your site! Just add the following snippet of code to any web page and you'll be up and running in seconds - no fuss, no muss. If you want to be fancy, you can enclose this code in <table> or <div> tags of your own design to control width, background color, etc. as needed, or, you can just leave it as-is and the cryptogram will automatically conform to your existing web site's layout.

All we ask is that you use the code without any modifications. It'd be really easy to just remove the links back to, but we'd really appreciate it if you left them in. A small price to pay for a free cryptogram script, no?

Every morning at around 1.00 am EST your cryptogram script will automatically pull a new game from our vaults and your website will be updated straight away with the newest, most-recent game.

NEW: You can also add the daily cryptogram to your Google Homepage by clicking here: Add to Google

Code snippet:

(Copy and paste the above code into your own blog or web site.)

What it looks like:

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