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Red face new member question AGAIN!

does anybody have any suggestions for me for long words? (and NO im NOT trying to solve s4orce's puzzle!)

wheneever i get real long words i get stuck. should i look for IVE or ION or ING.

so far nothing seems to get me from here to there....
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Smile OK

Well, if you have a puzzle that is all long words, look for the most common letter, the one with the most frequency, and you can start by entering "e, i, t, o, n, a" - if there are little words try filling them in first and they might add some letters to the longer words. Look for double-letters at the ends of these words as they are mostly likely "s" and that would then be most likely preceded by an "e".

Again, I sent you something that if you are super-stuck you can use...even if you just enter the one long word it will give you suggestions to use.

Try entering either "ion or ing" at the end of long words.

That's all I can think of maybe some more players have other suggestions.

Good Luck! And remember some times it just takes alot of time and patience...and this month you are not trying for 100 percent accuracy so if you think you are good and stuck and getting frustrated...move on to the next puzzle.

Hope that helps.
Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death.

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oh i didnt think i could use that site for just one word, i though it only solveed if i typed the whole puzzle. that kinda seemed like cheating a little, doesn't it? but getting only one word doesn't seem so bad!

you're right about my success rate as well, that is looking hopeless for this month, but i would like to keep it in the top 50 at least! we'll have to see tho.

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