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Default Cryptograms testers needed!

Hi everyone -

We're working on a new book and will need a couple of volunteers to help test out about 115 different Cryptogram puzzles that will be part of the final manuscript. Each puzzle is in PDF format so you'll need to print it out and solve it the old fashioned way (pencil and paper). All testers who complete all 115 puzzles by the end of August will receive a FREE 12-month premium account upgrade on

If you're interested, just email me at Thanks!
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4,142 views, and 0 responses until I post this.

How many of your loyal viewers took advantage of this totally wunnerful offer?

Since it ended many months ago, and is no longer the least bit relevant, why don't you delete this thread?
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I took Stephen's challenge. It was fun, I got to contribute to his book, and now I have a premium membership -- no ads, making play more enjoyable. I know of at least one other player who took this challenge as well.

Puzzle Baron forum threads stay up, if only as part of the site history, after the conversation is over. The only posts that Stephen deletes are those that violate site etiquette rules.
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Three million views on Classic Comments on the Quote and only two people took the challenge. AND you received a premium membership. I well up with jealousy.
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