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Question maybe two separate catergories

Just a thought...

I've noticed that there are two types of players here. Those who are "100%-ers" and those who solve for speed. My issue is, I'm kind of both. Yet the top three awards for fastest solver never go to any one of the 100%-ers because they take the time to solve every puzzle.

I was thinking that maybe it would be nice to have two separate categories for the fastest solver challenge. One for the ones who solve every puzzle, and one for those that don't. It would make things a little more fair, in my opinion. It is a choice one makes to sacrifice a faster time to solve a difficult puzzle, I understand...but I think a separate category would make some of us feel better. It's tough to be behind someone with a 75.1% success rate. We're just different types of players.
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I made the decision to switch to the 100%er group when I realized that I would have been in the top top ten of the success rate catagory if I hadn't blown off a few puzzles because, hey, life is short. I'm too methodical by nature to be all that fast at something like this anyway. The catagory you propose would be interesting, though.
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Or how about a fastest solver score which takes account of both average speed and percentage solved - e.g. a penalty of 1 second for every % under 100%.

So if a player has an average speed of 30.4 seconds and 92.1% solved (so 7.9% missed), this would work out as a score of 30.4 + 7.9 = 38.3.

Here's the top of the fastest solver competition as it stands this minute, with rankings just on average time:
1. ferrym85 - 81.6% - 28.70s
2. debzhaus - 75.10% - 28.70s
3. rhaydon - 85.21% - 29.00s
4. kat - 100% - 36.6s
5. 1ARE - 84.62% - 40.4s

But with the 1 sec per % penalty, the top five would look like this:
1. kat - 100% - 36.60s + 0 = 36.60s
2. Altoid701 - 100% - 41.80s + 0 = 41.80s
3. rhaydon - 85.21% - 29.00s + 14.79 = 43.79s
4. toeprint - 100% - 45.80s + 0 = 45.80s
5. maradnu - 100% - 45.90s + 0 = 45.90s

What do you think?
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Default New category

Well, I would like that, for the obvious reason that I'd do better in a time competition against other 100%ers. I can't seem to manage to crack the top ten on speed because of the time it takes to do the 'tough' puzzles. I am usually in the top five among those who complete everything.
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I'm definitely for two separate fastest solver times or a weighted ranking system. I switched over to being a 100%-er because it didn't feel right to me to skip over the ones that took a long time. Yeah, it sucks when one takes you 800+ seconds to solve it and it increases your solve time by a second, but every puzzle should count for a true average solve time, IMO. And you should be penalized for not completing a quote, I think. I've considered just doing 75% next month to see what my solve time would be, but I doubt I actually will. It doesn't feel right.
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Default interesting

Ernests, that is a pretty cool idea. I think , perhaps, that it might upset some of the non 100%-ers though. I'm not looking to take anything away from anyone. It just feels to me that we're playing in two separate ways. I like seeing those stats though! You've proven that even someone with a percentage of 85.21 is still in the top 3 fastest solvers with that system. (not to mention the fact that it puts me at the top ) I also like seeing some of the other 100%-ers up there. I think they deserve something for finishing every puzzle, and quickly. The only thing I am concerned about is upsetting the players who do not finish every puzzle.
The storm will pass. The spring will come.
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