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Default how about a new category?

I have noticed that most people competing in the success competition usually sacrifice speed. How about creating a new category combining all three categories? you could become the fastest, most successful, high scorer of the month.
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Someone suggested that once, or at least fastest at 100%. While there isn't a ribbon, you can use the % grid to figure it out very easily.

All the 100% players are ranked by descending number of points, then figure out who the fastest are.

I know Bansai came very close to 1st place trophies in all three categories in the same month a couple of times. Can't remember if he actually did it. Ban?
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That is an awesome idea if you ask me, being a completionist myself I would like the little extra bit of satisfaction knowing that I solved 100% and that I was one of the fastest to do so.
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I used to solve 100% all the time, but it got frustrating when I got caught on four or five of them that month and had to sit on them overnight. Those few basically doubled my average time. I now chose to only go for fastest time. Unless you're at or VERY near 100%, you probably won't make top 20 for solving percentage, and I have other things to do with my life so top 20 high score won't be happening any time soon. Small sacrifice to get one nice trophy a month.
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the idea would be, not to eliminate any particular category, but to add a categort for those who want the challenge. I fully understand how difficult it is to maintain fast times and 100% success rate. I am stubbornly sticking with 100% success rates, and it definitely hurts my solving speed. creating a category for combined speed and success rate. would even the playing field for those who are interested in increasing speed while maintaining succes rate.
I am just wishing out loud however, and realize adding another category may not be that easy to do. I am having fun as is
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There is another thread from several years ago about this same exact topic
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