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"A part of this strangeness of dress is that it links the biological body to the social being, and public to private."
— Elizabeth Wilson

abra on 2012-08-24 03:46:14
Anyone know what she was talking about?

maradnu on 2013-10-07 17:14:54

wvwoman on 2014-01-25 23:44:22
spill it, maradnu!

puzzler86 on 2014-03-20 19:08:49
47 seconds

chopstix on 2014-07-24 16:45:51
I was curious too abra, I found this link on Amazon: lse (sorry, the site wouldn't let me "lift" the passage) It seems that Ms. Wilson wrote a book called "Adorned in Dreams… Fashion and Modernity" I'm glad you asked the question, as this book looks rather interesting for someone in my trade - I sell vintage and used clothes! So thanks a bra!

abra on 2015-03-18 10:51:01
Well, thank you a bra, too, that was very interesting.

LLapp on 2015-06-03 09:26:30
I love shopping in second-hand stores, but I draw the line at vintage bras.

puzzleme on 2015-06-04 17:26:54
I love the crypto-comments ever so much more than the crypto-quotes!

Andy451 on 2015-06-20 18:15:55
So then our clothes are strange, and our bodies and our societies are not? The usefulness of our toes, the shape of our ears, the existence of an appendix, the appearance of sexual organs isn't strange? Are not the Amish, the Shakers, the Mormons, the Moonies, and fundamentalists all a little strange. Is not Phil Knightj, the CEO of Nike who screams at his employees to make them work harder, a little strange? Was President Nixon and his cabinet not a little strange? People are strange, when you're a stranger, streets are uneven,when you're alone. Women seem wicked, when you're not wanted, the cops have your number, when they chat on the phone. When you're strange. Voices come out of the rain. When you're strange . . . .

abra on 2015-06-27 15:15:10
I like the Doors. I'm not sure I understand all the stuff before, but i like the Doors.

JJ20paws on 2016-10-09 15:04:54
Gaga's meat dress was strange
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"We forget our faults easily when they are known to ourselves alone. "
— Francois de la Rochefoucauld

montyb on 2012-02-28 22:24:44
What faults?

Barnabas on 2015-03-27 08:24:02
It was your asphalt, Monty. Or did you forget that?

universalmom on 2015-05-05 13:56:41
asphalt! (snicker)

montyb on 2016-01-08 09:26:44
It's not supposed to be cracked that way?

universalmom on 2016-07-13 05:37:17
Hahaha monty

SwampySox on 2016-07-22 12:06:29
That cracks me up.
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"Any healthy man can go without food for two days -- but not without poetry. "
— Charles Baudelaire

Lily H on 2012-03-18 22:16:02
I think most men would probably prefer to have the food and not the poetry.

montyb on 2012-05-24 13:30:56
I like to grill some poetry a couple time a week.

bansaisequoia on 2012-09-04 16:11:51
And, if you slather some hemp on it, you've got a great source of protein, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids.

WRQ9 on 2012-11-18 06:20:29
If you have barbecue, you don't need any pottery, you can eat it with your fingers.

locodad on 2014-03-08 10:23:32
after two days of not eating you might eat the book of poetry with his author. I wonder which one would taste better.I am laughing while I am writing this

wvwoman on 2014-04-13 00:54:40

kb83 on 2015-09-17 09:51:23
Can I just have two food items that rhyme?

skeeter on 2015-09-26 12:36:07
I like my ode a la mode.

JenDiaz72 on 2016-01-29 07:21:21
Wanna bet... I haven't yet... Damn!

montyb on 2016-04-24 15:37:08
Ham hocks and lox.

LLapp on 2016-06-10 12:38:21
Salami, salami, baloney.

maradnu on 2016-10-14 14:38:42
Give peas a chance

abra on 2016-11-09 18:14:30
Steak and cake.

skeeter on 2017-04-09 23:58:05
I like my stanza bella with a little panzanella.

skeeter on 2017-12-13 15:58:46
I'd rather have this nice eclair than poetry from Baudelaire.
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"Men govern nothing with more difficulty than their tongues, and can moderate their desires more than their words. "
— Baruch Spinoza

darkyr on 2016-06-14 09:16:33
Must... comment... cannot... hold .... back.
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." ~ Albert Einstein
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Default I read every quote today, for my first visit

There are many duplicates, and many pithy quotes that seem to be missing.
Still it was a worthwhile use of my time.

I slept and dreamed that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was duty.
I acted and behold: duty was joy.
Rabindranath Tagore
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Default Please read: Instructions for the Classic Comments thread

Recent posts [which were later deleted by the admin] strayed completely from both the purpose and the standard format that were laid out in the opening post for this "Classic Comments on the Quote" thread. Seeing as how I posted that opening message more than 800 (!!) posts ago, perhaps it is time to re-post it.

Please use other forum threads for other kinds of discussion. For THIS forum thread, we share and celebrate only one thing: wonderful comments from the "Comments on the Quote" box found on quote solution pages.

Let's please stick with the simple rules of this fun thread that, for 21 months now, has brought joy to many.

Please review my opening post from March 2016, and please do stick with the purpose and format that it sets up. It has been working well for a long time.

Originally Posted by LLapp View Post
For years, the players at have been leaving comments on quote solution pages that are often more astute, creative, hilarious, or inspiring than the quotes themselves. Here is a thread where we can save some of our favorite comments and conversations from many years of quote-commenting.


1. Always start with the quote and attribution, for context, and then paste in the comments below the quote.

2. With each comment, include the commenter's name and date/time stamp.

3. Post whatever portion of the thread that you want to include here -- it can be just one comment, or several comments, or the entire thread.

4. Quote individual comments verbatim. Don't edit, change or shorten what people have written.

5. If you post a sequence of comments, it's okay to leave out in-between comments that aren't part of the classic moment. You know, like you can skip the "87 seconds" comment and other mundane or unrelated stuff. (Or go ahead and keep them in, if you feel they contribute to the magic of the thread.)

6. Remember, this is a place to save the wonderful stuff, not the other stuff.

Last edited by LLapp : 12-31-2017 at 11:53 PM.
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"Whatever is in any way beautiful hath its source of beauty in itself, and is complete in itself - praise forms no part of it. So it is none the worse nor the better for being praised." — Marcus Aurelius

pipsi on 2017-12-04 08:36:10
Sounds like someone didn't notice their wife's new haircut
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"An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way."
— Charles Bukowski

montyb on 2012-08-31 20:30:29
Wow! I never knew "Dogs Playing Poker" on black velvet was so profound.

SwampySox on 2016-07-31 17:51:00
Tried that a while back- lost big time. Them there dogs is good.
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"Evil is unspectacular and always human, and shores our bed and eats at our own table."

dybbuk on 2010-07-30 17:43:24
shores our bed?

montyb on 2013-06-20 02:25:40
It could be "shares". But Melville also had quite a bit of maritime experience, so this might be a bit of nautical slang.

zenith on 2014-01-21 04:51:39
I'm thinking it's a mistake - "shares" not "shores"

marnita on 2014-08-25 14:59:44
"Shore" can also mean brace or support, as in "shore up." But I agree "share" fits better in the quote.

highbrow on 2016-06-14 08:26:45
If you put this quote into Google the results are about 50/50 between shores and shares.

LLapp on 2016-12-03 21:37:41
I thought it was snores.

bkmcincinnati on 2017-01-05 02:25:17
This is not a quote of anything Melville said. It is actually from a W. H. Auden poem called Herman Melville. Shares is correct.

montyb on 2017-07-19 12:42:57
I'm with LLapp. If there is anything worse than evil, it's evil with apnea.
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Default Cryptogrammers hath no fury...

"Who is more busy than he who hath least to do?" — John Clarke

LiveLoveLaugh on 2011-07-13 00:02:06
Hate hath

LiveLoveLaugh on 2011-12-10 20:56:00
Still hate hath

gryhnd51 on 2012-04-26 21:03:15
I share your sentiments completely!

puzzleme on 2013-07-06 05:27:20
I hath no love for hath, either.

bazinga on 2014-03-02 17:42:43
Haters gonna hate, hathers gonna hath.

montyb on 2014-05-18 15:05:36
Hah! got hath this time!

judy100 on 2015-08-01 00:55:53
He hath to busily play Cryptos

abra on 2015-09-19 14:46:33
Hate hath too.

SippyGurl on 2015-10-20 06:22:32
244 thecondth...

marnita on 2016-09-05 03:48:48
I will join the hath haters.

skeeter on 2017-07-26 05:18:46
Thufferin' thuccotash! This one gets me every time.
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