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Default comments?

Is there a recommended browser for commenting on cryptograms? I wanted to comment on one, but couldn't make it happen. Maybe I'm using all of my brain cells on solving problems, not on the computer....

Longfellow's poem was written in response to the dreadful experience of learning that his son, wounded in the Civil War, had died. We sing it at church sometimes at Christmas. Very moving.
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Default Firefox

I use Firefox and sometimes it takes a long time for the comment to load. IE seems to work better for the comments but not as well for solving in my experience.
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Default a quote from Cicero

There is a cryptogram "quoting" Cicero as saying that pain is of short duration if very strong, and lighter and easier to bear if of long duration. That comes from his DE FINIBUS BONORUM ET MALORUM (On Good and Evil Ends), in chapter 2 where he is commenting on the philosophy of the Greek Epicureans (each chapter is devoted to a different school of Greek philosophy). He is merely stating what the Epicureans are famous for saying, "light if long, short if strong." The saying is not original to Cicero. I don't recall if Cicero agreed with the Epicureans here, but in general he tears their philosophy apart in DE FINIBUS.
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Default comments

allisondek, your comment was undoubtedly posted, but you will not be able to see it until the next time you encounter that same quote. I don't think it's a problem with your web browser at all.

joseph k, ne'er-do-well extraordinaire

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