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all of you are reporting these occurrences to admin, right? and always take screenshots of them on your "recent games" list, as they only stay on the list for 24 hours.

if you don't know how to take a screenshot, just google "how to take a screenshot on ___ (your computer)". on my oldish toshiba laptop, it's as easy as holding down on both the 'ctrl' and 'fn' keys (they're side by side on bottom left) and pressing the 'end/prtsc' key above the numeric keys (on top right). easy peasy!

after taking the screenshot, you can paste it to a new email--if you need to take more than one screenshot, just keep repeating the process, pasting one under the other in your email.

when i had to take screenshots of over 300 games, i temporarily reduced the font size of the "recent games" page a bit to reduce the number of pages i had to copy.
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Thanks, wvwoman. I have a Mac and the screenshot process is shift, command, 4; drag crosshair to where the copy should start, drag it through the copy and release mouse or trackpad. Copy will be on desktop. I'm at fault for the unsolved quotes, so I check it regularly. My wi-fi is the best I can get through AT&T in FL, and my Mac processor is 1.1 GHz Intel Core m3. I have no idea what any of that means, but including it for anybody who does. I'm afraid technology passed me a while ago and I'm not even tempted to try to keep up.
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just my 2 cents worth. I mostly use my 8 yr old Asus desktop for solving....wired mouse. I have comcast for phone/TV/internet and pay for fastest time.
10 years ago "double loads" NEVER happened, and I suspect that has something to do with internet "traffic" being so different now.
What I have noticed is that when I have multiple loads in "recent games" I've also had some glitch or another w/ either the phone or TV. Mind you, they're not a big deal at the time and usually resolve themselves.
But my theory is that "internet traffic" and networks that are sometimes overworked are more to blame than what your fingers are doing. After all, what sense does it make to have over 30 or more downloads when you've spent only a second on the mouse pad? Makes no sense at all.
The reality is that ALL providers lie about their service in order to get our $. Unless you work for one, you really have no idea what their capacity is when challenged by many users.
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