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montyb is correct about the keyboard's history.

I'm a righty, but prefer a computer mouse be on my left (although it still keeps the "right hand click" for when my husband uses it). I also am lefty with my coffee cup and a few other things.

As a high school student--back in the day of manual typewriters, discos, and the like--I was copy editor for our biweekly high school news page in our local paper as well as our school's monthly publication. While I was helping move furniture into the new library/media center, I wound up smashing the first 2 fingers on my right hand between two pieces of furniture, forcing me to wear a splint for a couple of months. By the time it was over, I was able to type with my left hand with nearly the same speed/accuracy as with two hands and without the hunt and peck method.

Right now, my 17 year old cat, Tigger, is laying on my left arm while I type this.
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Default left brain - right brain

"Hand-dominance" has to do with which of our two brain hemispheres we prefer to use.
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Down with the bourgeoisie! Up with the proletariat! Power to the worke........wait.
Lefties!? I thought it said leftists. That's what I get for being cheap and buying mail-order glasses.
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." ~ Albert Einstein
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Default Lefties!

I was reading thru everyone's posts on this topic. I am a lefty; however, over the years I learned to do many things right-handed. Perhaps I was an oddball because I simply did not like being left-handed? I always hated the fact, and still do, that when I write I end up with ink all over the outside of my hand, which doesn't seem to happen to righties. In addition, no matter what I try, when I write I always end up blocking my light with my own hand. It is very troublesome! I am strictly a rightie when it comes to a mouse because computers didn't even exist back when I completed my conversion to semi-rightie-ness. I have tried left-handed mousing but have no control over the movement whatsoever. When solving cryptograms, I tend to type more with my left hand because I need the right hand for the mouse. Here's an observation of mine that you all may find interesting: my left hand moves much quicker when typing than my right; however, when I played piano, I always found the left-hand movements more problematic. Anyone have any ideas about this?
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I don't know about that, except the left hand usually has the more complex piano part. I'm also a lefty who uses the mouse with the right. It sounds like a lot of people use the mouse with their "other" hand.

My lefty gripe is crossword puzzles. All the clues run down the left-hand side of the puzzle, so you have to lift your hand to read them. Just once, I'd like to see a Sunday crossword dedicated to left-handers, with all the clues down the right!
La, la, la - la - la - la....
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Damsel, if you play the piano long enough, you learn to use your hands independently. I'm definitely right-handed, but I type MUCH faster with my LEFT hand. Most of that has to do with piano training....learning to stretch fingers and have "muscle-memory" of where a note, or a letter, is in relation to the whole. SO my personal theory is that "handedness" has as much to do with training as it does with inheritance. People who have strokes or lose a limb, can and DO learn to write with the opposing hand if necessary.
My father & my husband are/were both "lefties" who were forced to use their right hands by the school system. This made both of them able to do almost everything with EITHER hand. Interesting thread, for sure.

I had never thought about the difficulty of x-words for lefties, but I agree that the issue should be addressed. One of you "south-paws" should start a petition for it. I promise to sign
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Default Mouse

This thread sure got interesting.
I was more curious about whether there are an above average amount of lefties on this site.
I think that Bansai mentioned in a comment that he is a lefty and that got me to wondering.
I use the mouse with my right hand and fill in the letters with my left because, well, the mouse is on the right and the keyboard is on the left.
As far as being trained to use the other hand, my mother-in-law grew up in the days when it was considered wrong to write with your left. She was forced to write with her left and continues to do so, but she does everything else with her right.
I write with my left, but twist my hand around so that my pen is angled the same way as a righty. I've never seen anyone else hold their pen that way and my hand gets really smeared and messy. When I write in Hebrew, which goes left to right, my hand still gets all smeared because of the way I hold the pen - it drags in the line above!

Anyway, anyone have an opinion on whether lefties tend to be more unique thinkers, or more "individual" than righties?
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As a run of the mill right hander, I tend to think we are all unique and
as "indvidual" as our personalities make us.
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Default engaging right brain and left brain as we express ourselves

I heard a theory which predicts that the human race will evolve into more empathetic souls partly as a result of the fact that we are writing and expressing our thoughts and feelings with two hands (in keyboarding) because two-handed expressiveness engages both brain hemispheres (rationality and emotionality) rather than using one hand, as in penmanship, which tended to engage only the rational and more dominant brain/handedness.

(I realize that I shifted the topic a bit, since many of the people who commented in this thread are talking about doing cryptos with only one hand on the keyboard. I just wanted to mention an idea about the long-range implications of two-handed self-expression. I find the idea fascinating.)
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Default forced to change handedness?

are lefties still being encouraged in schools (or in their homes, for that mattter) anywhere to change to righties? i hope not.
i had a friend (born in the early '20's) whose left hand was tied behind her back when she started school--no slip-ups that way, huh?! sad, but the sadder thing was, after then being a righty for years, in her early 20's she had a muscle removed from her upper right arm and then had to learn to become a lefty. she was quite miffed, to say the least!
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