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"When you're green you're growing, and when you're ripe you start to rot."
— Ray Kroc

cellophane on 2012-04-09 16:13:12
Glad he was in the hambuger business. Nothing like 'ripe' hamberger.

montyb on 2013-03-08 21:04:02
You'd rather have green hamburger? Shades of Oscar Madison.

universalmom on 2013-09-17 16:11:03
All right, Ray, what were you smoking? Something green?

montyb on 2013-12-08 15:25:59
Do you want fries with that?

universalmom on 2014-02-08 02:40:06
Yes!! Munchies...

JD_1947 on 2014-12-09 05:17:08
. . I think its just a bunch of "Kroc" . . . .
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"The individual choice of garnishment of a burger can be an important point to the consumer in this day when individualism is an increasingly important thing to people."
— Donald N. Smith

bansaisequoia on 2010-08-23 16:05:32
Garnishment? Do the burgers owe back taxes?

montyb on 2013-09-03 15:22:27
Why those lousy deadmeats!

oddcouple on 2013-12-06 15:17:15
Monty, you made me laugh.

CCCookie on 2016-05-06 01:04:28
From wikipedia: Donald Nickerson Smith (born 1940) is an influential restaurant executive for McDonald's, Burger King and other fast food franchise restaurants in the latter half of the 20th century. His business practices helped shape the modern operational procedures and advertising models for the industry So, not a person of erudition, but a person who tried to sound erudite while going directly to the bottom line for fast food restaurants.

Jalapenoman on 2016-06-01 13:52:54
Cheddar or pepper jack cheese (not the awful American cheese), dill pickles, grilled onions, lettuce, jalapeno, bacon, and bbq sauce (no mustard, ketchup, or mayo).
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"There is nothing so unthinkable as thought, unless it be the entire absence of thought. "
— Samuel Butler

dovid1946 on 2015-02-14 15:34:58
wow. did he study Buddhism ?

kb83 on 2015-09-01 11:45:36
Yes, I find the absence of thought to be quite unthinkable.

kb83 on 2015-10-08 07:04:49
But these two things (thought and absence of thought) are 'unthinkable' in entirely different ways. Think about that. (or not)

SwampySox on 2016-06-05 17:03:09
I never thought therefore I'm naught.
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"I have written some poetry that I don't understand myself."
— Carl Sandburg

bansaisequoia on 2011-08-29 18:15:21
I have solved some cryptograms that I don't understand myself.

maradnu on 2011-09-30 19:11:23
And sometimes I just don't understand myself, period.

wvwoman on 2012-12-06 19:57:55
so if you don't understand a poem, don't worry about it.

joed on 2013-02-22 15:04:46
And if you don't understand yourself, don't worry about it. Chances are that no one else understands you either.

montyb on 2013-08-02 13:40:40
Put this quote in a thought balloon and hang it over his photo above. What a giggle.
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Default Andy451 debating Dick Motta

"War is the only game in which it doesn't pay to have the home-court advantage."
— Dick Motta

Andy451 on 2016-04-16 15:43:20
Maybe, but what about rock-paper scissors? Or what about tic-tac-toe? Or what about war, spades, hearts, poker, pinochle? Go fish, Dick. What about thumb wrestling? What about jacks? What about stratego, monompoly, the game of life, chutes and ladders, or checkers? I hope no one ever kidnaps Dick Motta and then forces him to be the facilitator of a D & D game first in Montana, where the kidnappers live, and then in his home town where he lived as a kid. He might find many games where it doesn't pay to have a home court advantage. This happens frequently during March Madness in the NCAAs also.
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"Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute."
— Josh Billings

LLapp on 2015-04-18 14:34:00
I always think very loud dish-washing is an excellent rebuttal.

universalmom on 2015-05-25 15:54:09
LLapp, that's a great idea

abra on 2015-07-13 10:38:13
I am sometimes accused of loud dish washing or emptying of the dishwasher, When I am innocent of the crime.

LLapp on 2016-05-28 19:06:08
Omigosh, there's a community of loud dish-washing! How reassuring.
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." ~ Albert Einstein
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"As long as we live, there is never enough singing."
— Martin Luther

wvwoman on 2013-07-10 10:40:14
a mighty fortress is our god, a bulwark never failing---one of my fav hymns by the rev. luther.

momof7 on 2014-03-10 13:04:47
With a voice like mine, one note is enough.

montyb on 2014-07-07 03:40:50
My voice fills an auditorium, and the audience leaves to make room for it.

JD_1947 on 2014-12-01 11:16:33
They won't even let me in the auditorium . . . I can't eve stand on the sidewalk . . . !

YorkiesRule on 2015-05-12 03:00:50
It's pretty obvious that Martin Luther lived in the days before karaoke.
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"So our Lord God commonly gave riches to those gross asses to whom he vouchsafed nothing else. "
— Martin Luther

jobdevaa on 2013-08-16 04:08:25
Tell it like it is brother Martin!

universalmom on 2015-01-02 14:14:27
Hahaha…I didn't expect gross asses from Martin Luther!

abra on 2015-09-23 14:21:23
I suppose he mean donkeys??

LLapp on 2016-06-13 16:36:04
I think he's saying that wealth makes you look fat.
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Man does not speak because he thinks; he thinks because he speaks. Or rather, speaking is no different than thinking: to speak is to think. "
— Octavio Paz

Lurker on 2010-07-24 01:05:50
I know some people without brains who do an awful lot of talking.

Lily H on 2011-06-08 04:15:54
A lot of people speak without thinking.

RedEnoch on 2011-11-12 01:39:08
If I spoke everything I thought, I'd be in big trouble.

montyb on 2012-08-31 20:17:45
If people who claim they say what they think truly thought about what they were going to say, this would be a much quieter world.

Barnabas on 2012-11-21 14:57:06
I know you think that you understood what you thought I said, but I am not all that sure that you understand that I seldom say what I think and even less often do I mean what I say.

montyb on 2012-12-29 22:36:53
Ya think?

wvwoman on 2014-01-31 00:23:30
i think y'all need some impulse control. (ha!)

oddcouple on 2015-12-28 00:59:26
Talk about thinking out loud!
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It was not that she was out of temper, but that the world was not equal to the demands of her fine organism. "
— George Eliot

maradnu on 2010-02-14 21:26:58
True of so many of us.

LLapp on 2015-03-10 19:53:24
Oh . . . . "orgaNIsm" -- I almost reached for my smelling salts.

skeeter on 2015-03-13 01:27:36
I'm not touching THAT one, LLapp!

kb83 on 2015-07-23 07:17:33
It takes an organism to ....
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