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Originally Posted by TimmyTee View Post
It's a diamond ring worn by a pharmacist.
And that's why they are called apothecaries.
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Default My mistake, but good humor.

"He who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, still dead."

locodad on 2014-03-03 05:52:18
have you ever filled out a whole word and thought you would finish real fast? I put Everything" instead of "nonetheless" but I corrected the problem and solved it in 102 seconds, that wasn't so bad

oddcouple on 2016-05-19 15:34:49
For some reason I had "He who dies with the most toes".

LLapp on 2016-10-31 19:41:04
oddcouple, thanks for that laugh!

BoggyBoots on 2017-01-20 15:37:55
ha ha

blueladyblue on 2018-04-30 12:45:10
LOL oddcouple. This quote plays on the original 1980's bumper sticker: "He who dies with the most toys wins." ST:NG also had an episode called "The Most Toys" when Data is kidnapped by a wealthy collector of unique items.
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"Many drops make a bucket, many buckets make a pond, many ponds make a lake, and many lakes make an ocean. "
Percy Ross

montyb on 2012-05-28 16:32:37
So where did the ocean get its salt?

Roxanne on 2013-08-24 21:55:15
@montyb, Percy Ross did not mention the popcorn in the bucket..

gryhnd51 on 2014-04-16 18:41:40
Roxanne, that's a very funny and witty riposte! Thanks for the grins.

skoogie2 on 2014-10-21 03:06:36
Honestly, the comments make my day!

wvwoman on 2015-01-12 13:50:44
i got onto the wrong track with make a cake...

kb83 on 2015-06-04 09:24:57
Never knew that the bucket was the smallest natural body of water.

marnita on 2015-07-17 13:40:42
Yes - I think puddle would have been a better choice than bucket.

puzzleme on 2015-08-16 21:39:47
Percy was an interesting fellow & a self-made millionaire. I remember reading his newspaper column, Thanks a Million. It was sort of Dear Abby for the down & out. Percy would grant the modest wishes of folks in need and, over the span of his philanthropic career, gave away 20-30 million dollars.

SippyGurl on 2016-12-10 00:27:15
there once was a drop in a bucket...

SippyGurl on 2017-10-17 01:58:47
which fell in a pond in nantucket?
Curious Word Hound
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Originally Posted by aerie View Post
SippyGurl on 2016-12-10 00:27:15
there once was a drop in a bucket...

SippyGurl on 2017-10-17 01:58:47
which fell in a pond in nantucket?
SippyGurl ... You don't even want to start that up!! If it got going, I know I, at least, could end up arrested ...
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"The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals." — Sir William Osler

pootie49 on 2009-10-17 14:37:41
Plus animals would never get that danged lid off the medicine bottle.

Lurker on 2011-02-17 22:29:58
Is that why we have opposable thumbs?

momof7 on 2013-10-05 15:04:11
What does that say about my kids that HATE taking medicine?

montyb on 2014-02-28 16:30:55
Check their thumbs.
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"Cursing is invoking the assistance of a spirit to help you inflict suffering. Swearing on the other hand, is invoking only the witness of a spirit to any statement you wish to make. "
John Ruskin
cindidido on 2013-03-15 16:20:47
Glad we cleared that up.
zenith on 2013-12-27 16:15:37
interesting distinction. And glad I seem to be more of a swearer than a curser
wordfairy on 2015-02-12 21:29:58
And then there's the best option: prayer, to put some good energy out there!
stripey2635 on 2017-01-24 16:21:17
Persephone59 on 2018-06-10 17:27:36
The unicorn has gotten out of the barn again.
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"The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction." William Blake

kat on 2010-04-20 17:57:26
If he says so.

matarisa on 2011-06-11 21:51:39
Well, cats being cats.

inflight on 2012-09-16 17:36:02
I'm siding with the ocelots of incomprehension, myself.

debzhaus on 2012-12-20 17:15:30
lol inflight

MmeScherzo on 2013-06-27 16:03:42
Sloths of efficiency!

universalmom on 2014-03-30 06:32:13
Otters. I'm going with otters.

cherylab1963 on 2014-09-23 12:10:43
See why I love my dog? Simple, uncomplicated, predictable and unconditional with her love.

JD_1947 on 2014-11-27 03:51:49
. . I'm partial to the Budwieser Clydesdales . . .

universalmom on 2015-03-13 03:44:38
cherylab, I'm with you

Persephone59 on 2017-05-25 20:16:34
How about the raccoons of raiding backyards?

maradnu on 2017-06-15 14:58:21
Blake must have been taking some great drugs when he came up with this.
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"Whatever is the natural propensity of a person is hard to overcome. If a dog were made a king, he would still gnaw at his shoelaces. "

maradnu on 2010-05-29 14:13:28
But he would do it regally.

universalmom on 2012-10-06 16:13:27
That's not all he would gnaw at

saipanwriter on 2013-03-09 03:00:05
I didn't know dogs had shoelaces.

abra on 2013-05-01 21:27:45
Only when they're kings. They get little sneakers when they get their crowns.

cuji70 on 2013-10-03 06:08:14
Or really nice hush puppies

slow1 on 2014-03-15 07:55:52
...such a witty group. Thanks for the smiles.

bwbaer on 2016-08-25 11:15:29
Hmm, I actually doubt that.

LLapp on 2017-03-02 21:30:24
No, this really is a witty group, bwbaer.

NotTooOld on 2017-04-05 13:58:23
Did anyone have shoelaces a thousand years ago?

kb83 on 2017-05-21 14:17:57
And if the shoelaces broke, he would immediately be brought new ones.

kb83 on 2017-10-11 13:31:51
Here, King, Here, King.
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"Remember the great adversity of art or anything else is a hurried life."
Robert James Waller

LLapp on 2016-10-07 14:50:55
ERROR: The correct word is "ADVERSARY" (not "adversity"). This sentence is misquoted as shown here all over the internet, even though it doesn't make any sense. Waller wrote, "Remember the great ADVERSARY of art or anything else is a hurried life." You can see the original passage in the last complete paragraph on the page, here:

worng11 on 2016-11-11 04:19:06
Sir, you have tasted two whole worms; you have hissed all my mystery lectures and been caught fighting a liar in the quad; you will leave by the next town drain. W. A. Spooner Hey, if you're gonna screw up a sentence, do it RIGHT!

BriddlesBob on 2018-05-21 00:18:21
I had "..... a harried wife."
Curious Word Hound
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Default darkyr wins this round

"One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this." Miguel de Cervantes

maradnu on 2010-09-06 15:36:49
This is part of the song "The Impossible Dream", lyrics by Joe Darion. The song was in "Man of La Mancha", which is based on Cervantes, but the words of the song are not by Cervantes.

pootie49 on 2011-06-10 15:43:10
Yes. Thats another miss in removal from admin.

montyb on 2012-08-18 04:26:39
Nevertheless, it's still a great song.

fredsevent on 2012-11-27 09:51:42
I believe it's possible that the song's lyrics were from the novel, translated of course.

kjmcaj on 2013-05-08 18:28:00
59 seconds

montyb on 2014-08-09 09:32:03

LLapp on 2014-09-10 09:11:48
Admin - please error, per maradnu's comment at top. This quote should be attributed to JOE DARION, who wrote the lyrics to the songs in "The Man of La Mancha." This quote comes from one of the songs.

Beagle on 2014-12-23 10:26:06
Or just attribute it to "Don Quixote."

puffybob on 2015-05-17 17:19:48
Is there really an Admin? So many prayers seem to go unanswered.

abra on 2015-09-08 10:21:39
If you look, several years ago, admin used to fix the errors. I suspect that he's just too busy now. I always smile, when I see people are still pointing out errors, that have been pointed out many times over the years. Hope spring eternal.

badbob on 2016-01-20 14:31:54
the purpose is to solve the puzzle errors or not is that why we are here?

lainecap on 2017-02-14 15:05:41
Thx Monty

kb83 on 2017-03-07 06:55:33
Great satirical novel satirizing the concepts of chivalry and social class.

LLapp on 2017-06-28 18:49:54
Please FIX error, I meant to say nearly 3 years ago.

kb83 on 2017-07-27 10:12:21
I'm going to make it my life's work to make sure this mis-attribution is corrected. No matter what it costs me.

oddcouple on 2018-01-27 12:11:24
My impossible dream is to break just one of bansaisequoia's records.

kb83 on 2018-02-07 04:04:25
OK, then, I give up. My bad.

darkyr on 2018-02-12 16:16:12
Maybe it's not the attribution that is wrong, but the quote itself. Please replace this quote with one from Miguel de Cervantes. Thank you.

MamaB on 2018-03-31 01:32:12
This fix may be our unreachable star.
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