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Old 08-08-2015, 09:05 AM
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Default Having problems with this code, help needed!!

Hi folks!
as I'm sure you've been asked before about Geocache ciphers I would like to add one too!
So far, I have tried Cryptocrack and come up with nothing other than gobbledegook!
The puzzle revolves around the russian cold war and is contained in several morse coded messages hidden in web pages about the cold war years.
There are references to various people in the messages such as Natasha, Vlad, Sergey, Anastasia, Rasputin, Kira, Nakita, Lara. Corny, I know but there you are!

There is also one other cryptic message that reads:
Proceed operation ZARYA remember true Stalin not withstanding the last shall be first comrade

I know that Zarya could refer to the 1st part of the ISS but I have found no other clues to it.
There is also reference to Vilnius and Tirana, the capital cities of Lithuania and Albania.
Then comes this, and this is the part that has had me running around in circles for days...

75185 64290 65308 65248 51774 65097 20522 65095 24393 84154 92485 12247 93457 89532 43383 85278

I have tried all kinds of decryption via the Cryptocrack program to no avail. As the messages are given in morse code I originally thought of Pollux but I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.

So, is there anyone here that can offer me a path to go down? Perhaps tell me the solution and more importantly to me now....what sort of encryption is being used here??!!

many many thanks in advance for any info you might have...

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Old 11-12-2015, 02:59 PM
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There's a message on this forum from almost exactly two years ago with the same exact code.
Understanding does not imply agreement.
Acceptance does not imply agreement.
Disagreement does not imply conflict.
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