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Default sorry to ask, but....

I'm sorry to ask, but I have wondered if the times I click away from trying to solve some cryptograms (and there are many for me) would bring down my overall ratings? Thank you for your input in advance.
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It affects your time and, should you not choose to solve the puzzle, your percentage solved. Points accumulate based on how many puzzles you finish. If you're going for speed, you need to keep a solve rate of 75% or better and be in the top 50 of points for the month. For the first couple of months, I wouldn't try to win ribbons or worry about scores. Just hone your skills and decide if this is the right game for you.
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Default Thank you so much!

Thank you for your response! I am getting better. I was interrupted while doing a puzzle and that really drove up my seconds! But that was my mistake. I don't plan to be anywhere near top scores. That's a good laugh, but I do enjoy challenging myself. I give myself a "high five" when I complete a puzzle correctly!
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Default Time Stats

I don't think your overall time is affected by unsolved puzzles; it would be impossible to average continually changing data points since unsolved puzzles would provide a "moving target" as it were.
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Sometimes I worm my way into a top something-or-other but I play because I love the game. I especially enjoy solving puzzles because then I get to read everyone's comments - and leave one of my own. Some of the quotes lead me down hours-long paths of discovery where I've found authors I've never read and things I've never heard of. So, petname, just have fun and go where it leads you. See you around the neighborhood
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