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Default I give up

Is there an "I give up" option available? I can (usually) struggle through the puzzle, but would like the ability to press something like CTL-D (for Dummy) and have the puzzle solved.
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Default don't give up yet!!

your subject line sure got my immediate attention! i know i've seen an answer to your question somewhere on the forum before...but some kind and knowledgeable puzzler will give an answer soon, i'm sure!
i'm with you, though---i also wish we had that option.
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I wish there was an "I give up" button, too. Unfortunately, you have to slog through it or be forever wondering what the quote was.
Slotted spoons don't hold much soup. - Stephen Sondheim
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Default I give up

Or print it out and try to solve it and remember it for another time!
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Default A little trick...

You may also try something. May take a little time, but will get you to solve to puzzle.

The puzzles typically list a source. If the source is an actual name, search the name followed by the word "quotes". Go through a few sites that list the quotes and compare them with the puzzle to see which fits. Again, it's a little time-consuming, but in most cases, will get the job done.
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Default Calling it quits

... I just can't find it in me to walk away once I started one of these I would rather get a low score and walk away satisfied that I met the challenge. I will admit that some of these cryptograms can be a real challenge but that what I like about this website!

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Default solve it!

Google cryptogram solver.
There are web sites out there where you can type in your cryptogram and it will solve it for you.
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