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Cool rainy day

I sometimes feel that if I had just one rainy day I could catch up and be in the top 20 high score challenge. I guess I'm too much of a sun worshipper to spend the time it takes to achieve that. Even so, I'd probably need more that ONE rainy day. I have other things that I've neglected as well. Being a boater doesn't help. I spent all of last weekend on the Potomac river with no computer. Not complaining mind you, just my competetive nature coming out. BTW, Anyone out there interested in purchasing a 27' 2004 Larson? It's for sale!
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I feel your pain, kat. I was number 14 then I left for 4 days over the 4th and I was number 56 when I logged in the following Monday! It has taken me a week to get it back. You can't turn your back on these guys for a minute.
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Wink I love vacations but...

When I came back from a week vacation I was 86th. I take every opportunity to solve a few here and there. With the way things are going I will be even more hard pressed to stay in the top 50 when school starts back up.
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Default competition

I was determined to stay in the top three or four, so I put up about 60,000 a day for 6 days... then I got a terrible pain in my elbow and shoulder from sitting in one position so long... so I may have to lay out in August just to heal up!
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