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Default "this puzzle has not been..."

when i see that quote after solving a puzzle..." this puzzle has not been solved enough to give it a rating ..." or something like that; is that because everyone else who got that puzzle felt that it wasn't worth the points so they went on to the next? i KNOW it's not because they couldn't solve it so it has to be a strategy technique right?
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Talking Hey Angie

When new puzzles are added to the rotation, they must be solved a certain number of times to determine an average solve time. I was told at least 50 times by when you see that, it means its a newer puzzle and has not been solved enough times to determine an average time.

People rarely let puzzles just go if they are working for 100%, actually you never let one not get done. Some people who are trying for speed will pass on a puzzle.

Hope that helps!!

As far as I know there is no strategy involved in this game other than the will and determination to either go for 100% or fastest solving time or most points.

And I know for a fact that Maradnu, can clear it up even more eloquently than I can...he may leave a post here...
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Default ...not been solved enough...

Yes. Until the puzzle has been solved a certain number of times some basic stats will not be shown for the puzzle, including average times, fastest solver and time, etc.

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Just an update - tonight we re-processed all active puzzles on the site and there should now be records, average/median times, graphs, etc. for all puzzles. No more "not solved enough times" messages - at least for now, until we start adding new puzzles in again.

Thanks for your patience with tonight's little maintenance window - it's safe to play again. :-)
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will the cryptgram i made be added to the site
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