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You know I have to wonder how you manage to live a life relatively unscathed with all the assumptions and presumptions you make about people, expecially with that condescending and judgemental attitude to go with it. I am not Christian. I am not religious at all. Religious people tend to be like you, prone to emotional snaps that lack logic and make you look foolish and I think that's something to be avoided at all cost. I do find it interesting however, that you allow whole hosts of "offensive" posts to remain unchallenged, but this relatively mild comment, which you warped out of all perspective, led you to pitch a wig? It's interesting how the slightest jab can cause the religious fringe to lose their heads, while comments that liken women to cows and what not, pass without a murmur. Cheers.

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"Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind. "
Henry James
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When will it end?
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"Judaism is incomplete. Jews are still waiting for their messiah, are they not? That is what the quote is saying."

Christians, depending upon their beliefs, might be waiting for the second coming of the Messiah. However, if someone called them incomplete because they're awaiting a second coming of the Messiah, I could understand how they might take umbrage. I may disagree with maradnu as to the severity of the offence of this quote, but I still uphold his right to voice his opinion.
joseph k, ne'er-do-well extraordinaire
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WEll...I do not like anything that TRIES to hurt or demean another or another's race, ethnicity, religion or any other relationship or group he or she identifies with....however, I do think we should all try to be more tolerant and patient with others and not react too quickly if someone does make a statement that could be offensive....and finally though it is up to the person whose group or identity is being derided to say if he or she is offended and is that is the case....the one who did offend should stop.....Seekerof
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If any of you bothered to read, you'd know that the author of that quote, Weiss, is a Jew, went through the concentration camps in Europe and wrote a book about his experience. That is a quote from his book. Therefore, it is very unlikely this is a racial problem, since it is written by a man who is Jewish by nationality, if not by faith. What a tempest in a teapot.
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Unhappy Offensive Posts

As already stated, it is extremely obvious to everyone that this is a game forum, period. There are thousands of other appropriate places for "off topic" posts, regardless of whether it is offensive or not. Bottom line, this is NOT one of them. We are here only to enjoy cryptograms, nothing more and nothing less.

Trolls are a sad fact of life like hackers, spam, Trojans and all other malware. We have to tolerate it if the moderators don't see fit to manage this site a tad more efficiently so that we are not so bothered by such that we unsubscribe. They either care or they don't.
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