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Default Strange Stats

I just solved a quote and my time was shown as being faster than the average time, when in fact, it was a little slower.


You solved this cryptogram in 115 seconds. That's worth 280 points!

This Cryptogram's Statistics
Your Time: 115 seconds

* This puzzle has not been solved enough times to declare an average/record time.

Try another cryptogram?


115 108.5 102 306 510
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Hmmm, the graph shouldn't display when the "not played enough times" message appears. That's a bug - my fault! I'll put that on my to-fix list.

The short answer though is yes - until a puzzle has been played X number of times, any statistics shown for it are meaningless. Which is why they're supposed to not be shown. :-)
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Default thanks for the quick response!

Thanks for looking into it Stephen!

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Default Strange stats

I did one a while back - also with too few solutions, where it had a graph showing the average speed as being 66 seconds, while the fastest speed was 70 seconds. You kind of think that the fastest would be faster than the average, but whatever.
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I just had one a few minutes ago that I solved in 147 seconds. On the page it said that the average time was 282 seconds and the record time was 794 seconds. Hmm.
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