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Angry Robbed

Less than one hour ago, I had a perfect streak (100 percent).

Then the site crashed, and my last cryptogram (completed and submitted) vanished into the ether. Also I was logged out by the system.

After logging back in, I went to recent games and found nothing there.

But that final cryptogram went on my record as unsolved. And I cannot retrieve it.

Oh, well!

See y'all next month.

Or perhaps I can re-re-register as More Even Madder Munch!

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Default Same thing!

The same thing happened to me. This must be corrected.
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That's terrible! I have dial-up so this happens to me all the time, but I'm not sharp enough to go for 100%. I have to claw my way into the top 20 for High Score Challenge. As I've said before, old computer, old brain, dial-up
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Default It's quite a challenge trying to stay at 100%

The site has some glitches that can make playing very frustrating. I get a lot of double loads and have to constantly check recent games, but sometimes I have to wait a long time for them to show up. I once had 16 puzzles load at once!
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Default it is an ongoing problem

The administer knows and will not adjust scores. He says, "It's just a game." There are players who have quit because of it.
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Default Hello to all

Thank you for the kind replies. I also have a private message (not yet read) but will post here first.

Countess, if the same thing happened to you, then I'm in good company.

And, no, LiveLoveLaugh -- I'm not quitting. Just sitting by the sidelines for February. Back to FreeCell for now. Stephen (administrator) has no way to verify the truth of my story, so I understand scores not being readjusted.

My computer picked up bugs from this site (before a firewall was installed), so work on glitches would be in order. But... after all... it's a game, a pastime, and it is free (for non-premium poor folks like me).

P.S. I was Munchlet until my computer crashed and I changed e-mail carriers. Could not recall my old password and it just seemed easier to register a new account with my new e-mail address.

Good luck to everyone else! Till next month.

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