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Default Pootie, ad infinitum

My story with Donna is much like everyone's; first to greet newcomers, birthday greetings, and such. One weekend When my wife was out of town and I was trying not too successfully to stave off lonliness, I serendipitously ran across a most apropos comment she left on a puzzle. I sent her private message about it which I will share in its entirety.

I just solved a quote from Charles Dickens about having someone to sit with when I read the following comment from you.

"I agree. Someone to sit on a bench in the garden with after a long day, and just watch the sun set and talk about your day, your dreams, your hopes. then he takes your hand and says lets go inside its late and you stand up and hold each other and think yes this is how it should be. my friend, my lover, my confessor, my hope and my future. an equal. whom you look at and without a doubt in your mind think, i love this man and he loves me...what else do we really need? that complete feeling of belonging."

As I sit here writing this, my wife is out of town visiting a friend and I miss her company. I feel exactly the same way as you so eloquently expressed. I have lived more than half my life with her and nothing has been more enjoyable (outside of raising two wonderful kids) than the simple pleasure of her companionship.

Thank you for writing this.


This is the Pootie I will always remember. In keeping with Barnabas' wonderful nautical tribute:

Donna, wherever you are, may the sun always be on your face and the wind at your back.
Farewell, Friend.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." ~ Albert Einstein
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