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Default my tribute to Pootie

I, too, am saddened to have to say good-bye to our friend, Pootie aka Donna. She was the first one ever to respond to my plea for help when I was new to the website. In July of 2012, I was improving my skills and was able to stay right behind Pootie in the "success rate" monthly challenge. She hit the 2000th solve (100% accuracy) on July 24, and I was in the high 1900's, staying in the shadow of my role model. In the chat room, there had been some mention of her not feeling well, and then suddenly she stopped adding to her points. She stopped at 2000. Since there was still a week left in the month, I would have surpassed her score had I simply kept playing, but I stopped at 1999. There was something much more important than competition here, and it was the spirit of cooperation that Pootie herself had always shown. I felt honored simply to come in next to her, and I treasure her response to the message I sent her.

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