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Sorry should have clarified..... I wasn't meaning a change to everyone across the board, but an optional change in each users settings (clickable like the "see offensive quotes" or "be in competitive mode")..... while I am aware players who use this method might not be getting 9 seconds records it is possible to get times which are not only very fast, but also wins for (I assume new) quotes.... my wife (while proving her "quote prowess" over mine) actually got a record for a quote with 43 seconds (previous title was 45 seconds by 'defeaterdefeater').... I got to see the tail end of the 'record video' (which we both think was pretty cool, but short and alarming to those who didn't expect a plane to come flying at ya..... lol)..... as she was just a guest it actually listed the new record as blank (I assume it won't last long)......
To reitterate...... this is more of a suggestion, because for players like myself it would make the victory that much more sweeter.... and NOT a request for a full system change (I'm not sure how easy a change like the one I'm saying is for the site admin's to implement...)
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