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Default Request for another option....

So I found a slight problem or cheat which I was hoping the site makers/supervisors will take into consideration.... I was playing at home when my wife took a slight interest into my 'puzzle frustration' when she found out she could solve some of them faster than me: she went on her laptop and looked up quotes with the persons name on quote sites and was able to figure them out based on the number of letters in the first few words.... needless to say that just made it so I now only play the game at work on my lunch breaks.... I was hoping that maybe a clickable feature could make it so you could hide the quoter's name.... while I'm not sure how hard it would be to program that in, it makes it for a better feeling completing the puzzle (no matter how many '#@$%'ing minutes it takes.....).....

PS- To those who would like to point the finger at me as a cheater I'd refer you to my track record; which not only boasts a 90%ish success but also record times ranging from 21 seconds (Personal Best: 12 behind the leader) to 2400ish seconds (not quite a Personal Best: 2390ish behind the leader lol)..... but if someone complains I'm fine with having my 'high scores' or complete records being zero'ed out.... thanks for reading!
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