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Hi Abra

I have found Mcafee to be one of the worst av programs out there.
Its invasive and is known for generating false positives when you download.
It is a resource hog on your computer, if you go to your desktop
put your mouse on the bottom task bar and right click you will see a task manager in
the menu that pops up click on it and then click on the processes tab
check the processes tab and see how big the mcaffee.exe file is. You will see also
if you check performance, it is assaulting all your computer resources including memory,
and a big hit on the processor.
I too use Microsoft Essentials. Alone. I run an anti spyware program twice a week
with another program.
M E is free and is moving up the ladder into one of the best AV programs out there that are free.
Mcafee will definitely slow your computer down.
Its not hard to download MS Essentials just make sure you do a complete uninstall of mcafee.
Using a free program like Revo or Your Uninstaller is an excellent way to get rid
of all the little hidden things that a normal remove program isnt able to.
I hope that helps.
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