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Default more sites

there is also Brainy Quotes, the Quotations Page, and several other sites with resources to help you solve. However, you will make the best use of them if you have solved part of the quote already.....the most helpful being the beginning or end of a quote. If you google/search for a solve in this way: "the cat is an animal......." quote by "whoever".....
OR.... "............the good are dead" quote by "whoever" ( if this makes no sense to you, feel free to send me a PM)

It helps to have a google page on your toolbar so you can pull it up quickly to search. If you find what you're looking for, go back and solve the code....BEFORE you restore your google page! This will save you time on your solve.....BUT reset your google page so it will be available for you when you need it next time!

If you have no clue, Brainy Quotes is a wonderful site to search by author, and the quotes are in alphbetical order, which is not always true of other sites. However, this may still not give you the correct's all a learning curve!

I hope this helps !


while "e" may be the most commonly used vowel, there are many quotes that have only ! "e" in them, and "o" is the predominant vowel....
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