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Default need some help

Cravate, don't be discouraged. The first time I remember even looking at my ranking, I think it was 3894 or so, and I joined this sight in 2011 but played as a guest for a year or so then started competing seriously in 2012. I had done the cryptograms in the newspaper because my dad taught me when I was a kid, and I actually thought I was pretty good just because I could solve them in ten or fifteen minutes. Wow, did I wake up when I found this sight. At first I didn't even feel worthy of competing with these folks, but then again, I am very competitive by nature and won't do anything halfway. Now I just have fun and keep my brain working, but I still desire to improve my ranking, speed, and especially my success rate. Just keep trying, and it will come. Don't expect too much too fast. I usually find I get stuck for a while and then suddenly improve significantly, then hit another plateau, and so on. Be patient, and you'll get there, but most of all, enjoy yourself.
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