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okay, I threw the first stone so I'll take what's coming to me. Apparently some explanation is in order.
I'm not offended by the whining of others, annoyed, but not offended. I would not ignore the rights of those who want be offeneded and post the inequities as they see fit. And I too shall have the right to express myself. Again " my observation and opinion" , it seems to me that being offended has become something af a fad. To be offended makes one a victim and victims recieve attention and sympathy. A good crypto playing psychologist listening in would have a diagnosis.
If this site/ game had subject matter that I found offensive I'd simply not partake in the past time.
I'm not offended easily and I think this creates more living in oh...........I don't know, happiness, confidence, strength. Where the hell is thesaurus?
Thanks for listening and please reply I enjoy the banter
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