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Default novels....

I think the context of a quote is irrelevant here. If a totally offensive remark is made in a novel, that is the writer's license. The author may be reflecting a real attitude in fictionalized form, or simply using a character to state their own hidden belief. It is unknowable whether Mark Twain was a racist. Who really knows? But offensive quotes from his novels would not be appropriate here. I just don't see the quote from Disraeli all that offensive. But obviously, Maradnu does. If it is that upsetting, just get rid of it. There is a quote from Malcolm X that goes something like: "Show me a capitalist, and I will show you a bloodsucker." I think it is dumb quote. I have gotten it more than once. I am glad to see it, because I know it and can solve it in short order, and get on to the next puzzle. Concerning Irish Murdoch: I am always learning something, even on this site! If there were to be a quote from someone along the lines of: "I left Christianity, and found my true meaning in Judaism, (or Islam, or Buddhism, etc.)" I wouldn't make much of it.... this happens all the time in the real world. And it is just someone's opinion (or a character's opinion in a novel). It doesn't mean I am going to lose my faith, and it doesn't threaten me in any way.

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