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I love you too.

The point of the inflammatory quotes is that just because something is "historical" does not make it okay to say.

I find all those quotes, including the Disraeli to be offensive.

Cryptograms are 'just a game', and I do not come to this site to see my religion belittled.

Ann Coulter said something similar to the Disraeli quote, and got in hot water for it, deservedly in my opinion. The quote on Islam and Mohammed was used by Pope Benedict in a speech, and he was deservedly criticized for it. The other two quotes I listed are revolting beyond words, but unfortunately there have been and still are people who believe such.

The fact that people said these things does not mean any of them, including the Disraeli, should be on this site, which is the point I was trying to make, which seems to have escaped you.
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