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Default Offensive comment


I see many pro-Christian quotes on the site, and ignore them as we both do the occasional atheistic quote. There is a difference between that which promotes and that which belittles or demeans.

The fact that you do not profess Judaism plays no small part, I'm sure, in your feeling that the comment is just hunky-dory. Disraeli was a Christian of Jewish ancestry, (as you would seem to be) which did not give him any right to belittle the religion of his ancestors. The fact is, that the comment does attempt to belittle Judaism, to say that it is less than Christianity.

That it may be historical is of no consequence. Also historical are many other even far more offensive quotes.

Any comment which belittles or demeans another group, whether religious, racial, or whatever, has no place on a recreational site. Let bigots use their own sites to push that #$%&* to other bigots.

That has no place here. IMHO

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