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Originally Posted by montyb View Post
This probably won't convince the naysayers or end the myth, but here is my story.

Bansai, Pootie, Iltquilt, Carrot, Barnabas, Lily, Lurker, Fredsevant, Shivan, and many, many others, you have my friendship and respect.

Thanks, Monty

Golly, I too am humbled to be (erroneously) included in such a list. Perhaps I should visit the chat room more often (and maybe leave my more cantankerous self elsewhere)?

And as for Bansai, well he does do a few things to help his times in addition to being very good. His browser/computer is clearly better than mine for on those rare occasions when I attempt to type as fast as his video demonstrates, I have problems with the letters being properly assigned. Also, he is a premium member and well, he knows how to type (I've keyboarded every day for 30 years and still can't type very well - it's hopeless). I've estimated this gives him a 5-8 second edge on every puzzle which means his time still beats mine over 99% of the time, but if speed is your thing you should do as he does - and play 20-30 thousand puzzles.

And for what it's worth, I just jumped in and started competing here from my first puzzle although it would be fair to say I've worked a few cryptograms prior to joining this site.

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