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Originally Posted by montyb View Post
Bansai, Pootie, Iltquilt, Carrot, Barnabas, Lily, Lurker, Fredsevant, Shivan, and many, many others, you have my friendship and respect.

Monty -
That I would be included in this list is both humbling and touching. Know, too, that I consider you a distant friend somewhere out there on the landscape known as the internet. I occasionally put my foot in it a little when I make attempts at humor by commenting on some of the quotes ( I can think of one, especially, in which I wished I had just moved on to the next quote ), and in hindsight have kicked myself once or twice. Considering Lincoln's quote about opening one's mouth and removing all doubt as to one's foolishness, I do appreciate that you would include me in your last post.

einsmallstein wrote:
There is now way he is just using his eyes and brains... humanly impossible
Bansai's daytime job is that of television actor (not a lot of people know that, and I'm almost sure Bansai will deny it). He plays a DVM on NBC's Animal Practice, which airs Wednesday nights. If you've ever seen the show, you'll know then that he always carries a little monkey on his shoulder - named "Rizzo." Rizzo is with him at all times, and it is Rizzo who types in the vowels while Bansai punches in the consonants. Poor Rizzo - only gets a banana whenever they set a record.

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