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Default Reality (finally) sinks in.

This probably won't convince the naysayers or end the myth, but here is my story.

I played as a guest for many months and noticed the prevalence of "bansaisequoia" as the record holder for many puzzles. My first thought was that bansaisequoia was actually a group of people working in collaboration since so many records were "his". Naturally I had also hypothesized about some type of computer program being the actual record holder.

When I started playing as a competitor, I finally worked up the courage to enter the chat box and exchange PMs with some of the other players. The evidence garnered from these exchanges would not support my previous hypotheses. I had to follow the evidence that led to the conclusion that bansaisequoia was indeed a single HUMAN individual of amazing skills. Enviable skills to be certain, but HUMAN skills nonetheless.

I also found him (and many other players, especially Pootie) to be a true friend who shared many of my idiosyncracies and eccentricities. Is he fiendishly fast? Damn straight he is! But so are many other players who have often beaten his records (and have had a brick returned to them).

Anyone who has ever followed one of the many public chats between Bansai and myself cannot help but notice the usually quick (when our schedules coincide) repartee the demonstrates cognizant, and sometimes bizarre, abilities that no computer program has been able to yet imitate. The phrase is "cogito, ergo sum"; not "computare, ergo sum".

Bansai, Pootie, Iltquilt, Carrot, Barnabas, Lily, Lurker, Fredsevant, Shivan, and many, many others, you have my friendship and respect.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." ~ Albert Einstein
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