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Default the cure for gray hair

"There is only one cure for gray hair. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the guillotine."
P. G. Wodehouse

matarisa on 2012-09-19 16:13:22
Come now. Some gray hair has been cured by baldness.

Lily H on 2012-12-17 01:53:19
My gray hair is cured by my hairdresser.

kjmcaj on 2013-03-09 20:02:31
grow old gracefully and accept it!!

puzzleme on 2013-10-21 19:17:09
Bite your tongue, kjmcaj.

montyb on 2014-07-04 05:17:02
On my driver's license, under hair color it says "flesh".

universalmom on 2015-01-15 10:36:06
Hahaha no way, really?!

mikehallbackhoe on 2015-01-28 09:03:59
I can only imagine how relieved the french were when hair dye became available

dovid1946 on 2015-02-26 05:18:39
The English used the axe for centuries before the guillotine.

abra on 2015-06-07 13:23:08
LOL, Mike.

kb83 on 2015-06-30 03:37:54
Just a little off the top please.
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