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Default I need a bloody mary

Oh my, I now have a rippin' hangover.

This has got to be the best cyber-party ever!

Lily - thanks for hosting, your mom's a crack-up! ...I'm so sorry I tracked mud in your house.

gryhnd - dang that was a good lasagna!

Lurker - the cookies were fantastic, would you mind sharing the recipe?

wvwoman - I probably had more than my share of that liter of Cuervo, hence the hangover. It's a good thing gryhnd just stuck to just vodka and grapefruit juice.

fredsevent - in retrospect I don't recall you having partaken in the boozing so much, which is why you actually got somewhere with the challenge. I am impressed not only by your skill, but by your keeping a clear enough head to stay on point.

pootie - your craft skills are amazing, but I think I'll have glitter in my hair for weeks. Oh, and your rolls were melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

admin - you truly are the level-headed one. Thanks for reminding us all to brush our teeth.

So, after all those cookies and buttered rolls, three helpings of lasagna, who knows how many shots of Cuervo, and one chewed up pencil eraser, I somehow ended up passed-out between pootie and gryhnd and woke up with a bunch of green glitter in my hair. But the memories, ah the memories!

Cody - thank you for spurning what turned out to be a raging lost weekend for me. However, since you didn't show up I have this picture in my mind about you...

I think you could possibly be a 10 year old hacker genius that has led anyone who seriously tried the challenge to a killer virus, deleting all of their on-line dating photos, drunk e-mails, and Back Street Boys songs. Thank you.
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