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Originally Posted by seclee View Post
hi. Love cryptogramming but ... Lately I'm getting a lot of 'bad parameter' notices when I try to upload. It's driving me daft. Why do I keep getting it? And is it affecting my recorded score?
I haven't seen this problem on my device since the early test versions.. do you mind working with us to try and debug this?

The bad parameter error occurs when there is missing data in the post information that client uploads. During the upload, the client advertises how many results it is uploading, and then the data for all of the results. If something is missing, the bad parameter warning occurs.

My first thought is that this is related to the quantity of puzzles you are uploading at once. So one question is: does this error happen when you upload a lot of puzzles at a time? Or does it happen even if you are uploading just one finished puzzle?

Second, what is the frequency? Say, one in two uploads cause the problem, or one in ten? All of them?

The best way to see if it is affecting your score is to check your scorecard before and after the upload. If you get the error, see if it has incremented your number-of-games-played counter.

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