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Default hey folks......

This a "game site"....for better or worse! We all have our opinions about politics and guns and a TON of other stuff. But do we really want to make this the place to debate all those issues?? Isn't this site about solving puzzles, and having some fun while doing it?
I might not participate in them, but I know there are a lot of on-line sites that really WANT those opinions from you.
We're far more alike than we're different. AND THIS IS A GAME SITE!!I
I PLAY because I enjoy it and playing helps to keep my mind active and inquisitive and working.
Instead of taking every comment as a "challenge" to your beliefs, can you not just "put it back on the quote? Work out the "time-frame" it came from?
I really don't think I'm asking for that much, people!
We all need to have some respect for this "game" and respect for each other.!!!
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