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Question Site Re name perhaps?

Following that line of thinking Bansai, lets suggest a site rename to:
Quick Solve Cryptograms.Org.

Since when has the onus shifted from just solving these things for the love of the game to speed?
Why is how fast we solve them so darned important?
Obviously yes there is a competition for it, I do realize that, however enticing new members
by making these puzzles faster and easier to solve, just doesnt sit well with me.
Sure we all got faster. We practiced and learned and played and played.
Wouldnt it be more fitting to entice new players to the site simply by saying challenge your brain, try these out. See how many points you can get, hey, why not see if you can get a perfect solve rate?
But above all come and enjoy the game for the love of the game. For the sheer bit of
satisfaction when you work a puzzle and figure it out and get that success screen come up.
Maybe that's a too simplified ideal solve and learn and watch yourself get faster.
There is satisfaction in that as well.
Alot of us by word of mouth and in our own ways, have helped to get the site more players. We just dont feel the need to let everyone know.
When did speed become the be all and end all of
If admin keeps implementing changes to make it easier and easier, those new members or potential member with 'smarts' will wander away wondering where's the challenge?
Leaving us with demon speed solvers simply trying to be the fastest.
I would think Stephen would like to see this site grow and attract members simply because its challenging and fun.
I realize we live in a new world. "I want it all and I want it now."
I prefer to work for what I get. To learn. To enjoy. As most of us did.
The new solvers will get up to speed. We all did. By working at it...not having more and more options
offered to us so we could solve faster.
Perhaps I'm being too old-fashioned...bristling at change. I dont think so. I think I just want to see the
site grow and attract intelligent people who love puzzling...not by how fast they can do it but just the pure
love of solving.
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