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Talking The Twisted Wishes Game!!

Okay, as promised another game, this one is a bit tricky but just read the examples and
being the brainiacs you all are shouldnt be a problem...have fun!!

Twisted Wishes

This is another game that's kind of fun. It goes like this: one person wishes for something, then the next person to post grants the wish, but adds a twist/downfall to it, then they make their own wish.

1st person:
I wish I could meet Tom Cruise.
2nd person:
Granted. Only he's 85 now and is drooling on his shirt.
I wish I had magical powers.
3rd person:
Granted! However, your apartment is now full of rabbits that keep coming out of hats.
I wish I lived in a mansion.
4th person:
Granted. You live in a mansion with 15 bathrooms, all of which need cleaning on a daily basis.

Remember dont let this interfere with why we are here. To solve and have fun.
Anyone can play. Lets keep it clean, please. I say that more for Lily and I than anyone, LOL

Ok I will start...

I wish summer would end, its too hot.

(The next person will start with Granted, and a downfall to that wish.
then make a wish of their own.
I never repeat myself you know lol. )
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