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Talking New Game: Answer with a Song Title!!

Okay so the person above will ask a question and then you have to answer the question with a song title and ask your own question for the person below.
The questions can be anything you want and the answers don't necessarily have to express the reality, just as long as the song title you choose relates to the question.


1st person: How are you today?

2nd person: Feeling Good (James Brown)
Q- What's your favorite season?

3rd person: My own summer (Deftones)
Where do you live?

4th person: The shattered fortress (Dream Theater)
.... and so on...

Soooo to recap, someone answers a question with a song title and give the artist if you know it.
Then ask a question for the next person to respond to.

If you arent sure of the artist, no problem. Again the song title should be associated with the question asked
before you, but your question can be anything you like.

Have fun need to say keep it clean is there? Or let it interfere with Crypto-ing?

My question for the person below to answer with a song title is.....

What do you like?
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