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Default Puzzle maybe

Hi one and all,

After playing with cryptograms on and off for the last couple of years I have been able to raise my solve rate to the level of 'absolute rubbish'. So I completely lost with what I think is a crytogram. This is a copy of an 'e'mail I keep receiving:

Vous pouvez doubler votre argent aujourd'hui.
Gagnez plus d'Euros avec l'offre bonus d'Euro Club Casino.

(spam url removed)

Xksayvaxy tie revmfieza hooulay ydalluf aomiuger? Fdasooa argub qsecyb eeeepq foepajo

I DO NOT suggest any one go to site. This is spam mail.

However has anyone any ideas concerning the last line?

If I'm not supposed to ask this type of sorry but this has been bugging me for ages

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