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please, stephen?

"01:26 Guest: Looking at an awfully lot of Info
01:28 Guest: Comments" left at various crypt solutions, it seems many people are blinded by the fact that their candidate didn't become POTUS. One would think that the people on THIS site
01:30 Guest: would be some of the most brilliant people of our time, yet, so blinded they don't see the multitude of accomplishments Trump has made to bring US ALL to a higher level.
01:30 Guest: Need I LIST THEM???
01:34 Guest: sure, he's crude and all of that, but, it is long overdue that the "swamp" was drained!
01:36 Guest: Get over it. Stop whining. Cheer the fact that jobs are climbing, wages are rising, rediculous reg's or being thrown out, minorities are getting jobs, undocumenteds are being
01:37 Guest: sent home, our military strength is being restored, countries are forced to have free/equal trade agreements... etc.etc
01:38 Guest: So if the "Russians" rigged our election, thank them!"

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