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Beagle wrote:
Haha... I quite believe you, seeing his times. I just wondered if there's anyplace to look. It seems like it would be nice to see something in one's trophy room, like "You currently hold the record time for... 4 cryptograms." But I don't think there's any way to know, is there?
I haven't poked around the site enough to consider myself an expert navigator, but as far as I know - no, there isn't. I did look at this month's top 100, and I see you're #7 at the moment, and that you're also batting a 100% solve rate. That's impressive. I've slogged along for a couple of years, and my all-time solve rate is now approaching 84%, and my monthly solve rates have risen to the low 90s. Congratulations on that... and if you have any tips you wish to share, we who struggle are always open to new ways of looking at these puzzles.
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