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Default i'm so confused (but it doesn't take much!)

OK i think i got it....i think i know how this thread got so convoluted! or at least why i'm so confused. some people are talking about speed and some are talking about records. it's true, there is no way to get a fast time if you need to go to your book of poems by Dylan Thomas ... or flip through a dictionary ... or whatever your reference of choice is. heck, even hitting the hint button eats up seconds. so i'm not sure that speed is necessarily the issue. and i'm not sure that 'record time' is the entire issue either. the other day i set a record time with a 142 second solve time. (the dictionary was in the other room! ha!) that was probably broken before i said "Hey honey, guess what I just did!?!"

For me it's just a case of wanting to know who i am competing with. someone comes along ... plays a couple games ... and then off he goes. geez, leave a $20 on the dresser and its just like college! (ha ! just kidding!)
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