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Default Hello to all

Thank you for the kind replies. I also have a private message (not yet read) but will post here first.

Countess, if the same thing happened to you, then I'm in good company.

And, no, LiveLoveLaugh -- I'm not quitting. Just sitting by the sidelines for February. Back to FreeCell for now. Stephen (administrator) has no way to verify the truth of my story, so I understand scores not being readjusted.

My computer picked up bugs from this site (before a firewall was installed), so work on glitches would be in order. But... after all... it's a game, a pastime, and it is free (for non-premium poor folks like me).

P.S. I was Munchlet until my computer crashed and I changed e-mail carriers. Could not recall my old password and it just seemed easier to register a new account with my new e-mail address.

Good luck to everyone else! Till next month.

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