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When Donna first joined the site, we were fierce competitors....constantly chasing and passing each other. At that time, I had several different avatars that I would choose from, not being totally satisfied with any of them! And then one day Donna sent me a private message asking if my username stood for "greyhound". THis surprised me 'cause the few inquiries I had received prior to that translated it as "greyhair"..!! At the time, we had our first rescued greyhound. At any rate, the next day she sent me a link to the avatar that I continue to use, and from that day on we became friends. Every time I'm here I'm reminded of her kindness and love not just by my "greyhounds rock!!" avatar but also by her wonderful, witty and charming comments. She will be remembered by everyone who interacted with her ( including those hospice folks!! Jeez, that still makes me laugh!!)
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