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Default Testing new game board

Hi everyone -

I've put together a new solving board that I think should fix a number of issues people have had with the existing one; namely:

- slow/clunky response time for super-fast typists
- incorrect "Letters Remaining" being displayed
- no visual indication when a letter is used more than once
- an errant "enter" key will sometimes submit a half-finished puzzle
- poor usability on phones/tablets

It isn't live on the main site yet. I'd like to get some user feedback on it first before we make it so. If you'd like to try it out you can do so at the url below:

NOTE: I've tested it pretty thoroughly, but if you are concerned about stats, be sure to log out before you solve through this page. Puzzles solved on it will count towards competition, and if there is a bug your stats may be impacted.

I'd be interested to hear any feedback, especially if you encounter any bugs or problems. Please be sure to include your operating system and browser information with your comments.

Thank you!

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