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This is cracking me up!

May I offer to bring paper, pencils, and erasers to this cyberspace party?

Cody, please don't take the ribbing personally, I've never engaged in any site chats, comments, etc. before this one, but I believe the point of this site is fun and relax, it is for me at least.

We're not here to challenge each other, only ourselves.

And by "we" I mean myself, and am assuming I speak for many here. I personally don't know anyone on this site, where they live, what their real names are, etc. How any of us would go about working on your puzzle as a group would be a challenge of its own... So the joking is kind of about the proposition, not as much the puzzle itself.

I did notice you have the words "low low" at the bottom of your puzzle - maybe you had this opinion when you originally posted?

Anyhow, please take it all in stride. Sincere smiles to you.
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