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Question Wall of Titans

Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
Stephen, that would be just great if you could implement this. I spend a lot of time downloading torrents, hence my computer gets infected with the occasional unremovable virus. There have been a few times when I've had to go into safe mode and try to let the "Wall of Titans" escape into my flash drive. After that, I've had to do an entire system wipeout and destroy all the remaining files in my hard drive. Fortunately, I'm anal retentive and keep two or more backups of most of my files. However, since the "Wall of Titans" changes several times per day, it's not really possible to keep an up-to-the-minute backup, which would endure even in the event of a complete wipeout of my files by virus. There are over 30,000 entries on the Wall, which I started 18 months ago. That means I've seen the Baron, the Banner and the Biplane an average of 54 times per day. It would be a great relief if I could tear down the Wall.

joseph k, ne'er-do-well extraordinaire
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