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Default avatar glitches

I'm gettin' old, sometimes feel like "renting" the teenager next door to help me with the computer, which is the MOST technology that I either want or need in my life! <except for my job, working in a hospital lab and THERE I want all the technology available>


there have been some recent conversations about the changing of avatars....they don't show up on some pages, but do on others....etc I "see" one thing, but others see something else....all very confusing.

Admin advised me to be patient, as did Maradnu, and that was helpful advice, because eventually ALL my pages (except SCORE page, to this minute) have shown ME my new avatar.


what I see on my home computer is different from what I see when I'm at work <PLEEEZ don't report me!> When I'm at work, I see my new avatar on ALL the pages! AND from the little that I've read in the chat room there are other folks who have been experiencing similar things and maybe thinking that they haven't done it correctly, and who perhaps don't have access to another computer to even KNOW that it's different.

So .....I'm thinking that the "problem" isn't necessarily here on this site, but perhaps with our own computers? Is that possible?

Perhaps you computer geeks who play can respond to this? Or maybe you have some other ideas?

Honest to GOD, when I look at the score page here at home, I still see my first avatar....the graceful Unicorn.

I'm hoping that you brainiacs can help Admin give some useful advice when we question him.
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